Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

        This year, I did my independent project on exorcisms and demonic possession, mainly because I read a book about a girl who is possessed and goes through an exorcism, and I wanted to know if the things in my book could really happen. I started to make my project on iMovie, but then realized that I wouldn't be able to work on it at home if I did, so I used Prezi.
        The thing I liked most about my presentation was the amount of work and time I used to get my final product. I worked at school in class, but I also did a ton of work, mainly the Prezi part, on the weekends or at my grandma's house over winter break. It was easy to get distracted, but I still managed to get my project ready to present.
        I think that the hardest part of my project was finding credible and reliable sources to get information from. The internet is full of unreliable websites and 'fake news' articles. I had to check and double check most of my research, just to be sure. Once, I found an article that had one fact that I couldn't really believe, so I copied it and then pasted it into the search engine. When I clicked on the second link, (the first was the website that I was on,) it was the exact same article. Word-for-word. Exactly the same. So I tried the third link. Still the same. Long story short, I didn't use the information from that article.
        I think that I improved as a learner during this project because I researched something that I really found interesting, and had to suffer a bit to find real and reliable facts. \
        If I redo my whole project, I would probably redo 2 different things, the first one is my topic. The reason I would pick a new topic is because I feel like I could have gotten better information from a different project, and because my project, even though it is interesting, sounded a little bit far-fetched. I would also use a different method of presenting, as I have used Prezi almost every time I have done an independent project, and it can get a wee bit boring. The reason I didn't use something else is because I didn't learn about the website that I would have used, Emaze, until after my project was already done.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Word Blog Post

        This year in Language Arts, we had to choose one word that we wanted to use to influence our new year. This word should have meant something to you, so you can apply it to your life.
        The word I chose to be my one word for this year is be. I chose the word be because this year I want to be myself. I (used to) spend a lot of time thinking about what other people think of me, like if they think I'm ugly or dumb or boring. But this year, I have decided that I don't care if people judge me. I mean, if someone comes up to me and says, "You look ugly today," of course I'll feel bad in that moment, but I am not going to let myself dwell on that all day long, feeling insecure and bad about myself.
        Sometimes, I am so caught up in what I think other people think of me, that I didn't act like myself. I used to think that it was better if I didn't talk, because I could accidentally say something that people won't understand, and then they'll think that I'm dumb. I've come to the realization that everyone says things that don't make sense sometimes, so who cares if I say something that people don't understand? I don't.

Friday, January 5, 2018

To Kill a Mockingbird Blog Post

        I think that the To Kill a Mockingbird movie really focuses on the huge parts of the book. The book has several big parts, and also a bunch of really tiny, yet important parts. The movie doesn't show those things, like Ms. Maudie's house fire, and the snowman/snow day that they had. Those small parts help make up the book. Hi-Whitney
       In the book,  Tom Robinson doesn't die until way after the trial, and he goes to the Abbotsville Jail. That is where he dies. In the movie though, he runs from the car on the way to the Abbotsville Jail and dies there. In the movie, they feel the need to combine Miss Stephanie Crawford and Miss Rachel, and completely leave out the characters Aunt Alexandra and Frances. We don't get to see any of the school scenes, and I really wanted to see the one with Walter Cunningham. All we get to see is her beating him up at recess.
        If I could change anything about this movie, I would change the pageant scene. I wanted to see Scout fall asleep in her costume and come running out at the wrong time. Plus, we didn't get to even see them go into the school, they were randomly on their way home without Scout's shoes and dress. It would have been better if we knew that the pageant had actually happened before they got attacked in the street.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

        DWA - What really gets on your nerves?
        One of the things that gets on my nerves is when people eat mushy or soft foods right next to me. I can't stand the sound they make when they chew in my ear. If I am sitting next to my brother while he eats a banana, (or anything mushy,) I end up yelling at him to stop chewing so loudly. My grandma and my brother are both very, very loud chewers and I have to leave the area because it's really loud. Another thing that really gets on my nerves is when people touch me with their feet. I don't care if your feet are sweaty or dry, warm or cold, soft or scratchy, I just can't stand when someone touches me with their bare foot. If I am at the dinner table or on the couch, and someone's cold and clammy foot touches my bare leg, I immediately move. I would rather lick the bottom of their shoe than have them put their bare foot on my leg.
        DWA - If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
        If I was invisible for a day, I would play jokes on people and mess with them. I would get in a car and drive around, and people would think that the car was driving itself around. I would go to public places and tap people's shoulders or trip them, and they would slowly freak out because they'll think that they're imagining things. Something else I would do is explore weird places that I'm either not allowed to be in or have never been in. One place I would go is to a grocery store's "Employees Only" area. I've always wanted to go back there and look around.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Words of Wisdom


       While doing my Words of Wisdom project, I got many new quotes to live by. Some of them were really inspirational and taught me about life. I've realized that I don't need to worry about dumb things or things that won't matter in a few days. Another thing that I've learned is that everyone has advice, and most people can give you a good answer, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Monday, March 20, 2017

History Day Project Reflection

     We did our project on Susan B. Anthony. She took a stand in history by standing up for what she believed in, women's rights, specifically getting the right to vote and equal pay wages. We made an exhibit, and designed it to look like a voting booth. The thing I like most about our project is the design of our board. We spent a long time trying to figure out how to make the board, because having a solid wood board would be way to hard to manage. We agreed on having a wood frame with fabric in between, and the amount of time spent on it makes me feel proud of how it turned out. Everything is color-coded and exactly where it needs to be.
     I think that the one of the most interesting things I learned about Susan B. Anthony is that she didn't start out focusing on women's rights, she became interested at a temperance rally when she wasn't allowed to speak because of her gender. Another interesting thing is that she was arrested for illegally voting in the 1872 election. She was fined $100 and refused to pay it, and never did.
     Probably the hardest part of this project was making the board. The fabric was an issue, and we kept running out of glue sticks. The papers weren't always cut straight, and paper and fabric would rip occasionally. During this project I improved as a learner and a student by realizing that things won't always go your way, things can break and get messed up. I gained more knowledge about women's history and Susan B. Anthony. Between now and History Day, we need to improve on our annotations, specifically putting them in the right order, and we need to attach our title. The things that I am the most proud about are our annotations and the way the board looks. We spent a lot of time working on our annotations, and they turned out pretty well. (Minus the fact that they're in the wrong order.) The board also took a long time, and it looks a lot like our design that we wanted from the start.
     Our topic relates to the history day theme because Susan B. Anthony took a stand in history for women. She fought for the right to vote and equal wages, and the 19th amendment was created because of her hard work. To future students - always, always, always use your time wisely. If you don't use your class time well, your going to have to spend a lot of your free time working on your project.